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What is the High Precision Slitting Line?
The High Precision Slitting Line is an automated manufacturing system that is widely used in the metal processing industry. The slitting line is responsible for the cutting, or slitting, of larger materials into smaller, more precise sizes. The system’s capacity to handle a wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal alloys, makes it a versatile choice for various industries.
What are the features of the High Precision Slitting Line?Here are some of the key features that the High Precision Slitting Line has to offer:
  •  High Precision: The system is designed to maintain accuracy and precision, ensuring that the end product meets or exceeds customer specifications.
  •  High-Speed Processing: The system’s speed of operations saves production time from material loading to unloading the finished goods.
  •  Easy to Operate: The system is user-friendly, easily operable by skilled technicians, and with the right training, even a novice can operate the machine in a safe and intuitive manner.
  •  End-to-End Automation: The High Precision Slitting Line is fully automated end-to-end production, including feeding, slitting, recoiling, and material handling, enabling unattended operation and operator independence from fatigue.
  •  Quality Control Systems: Inbuilt quality control systems within the machine, ensure that the final product has consistent and accurate dimensions with no edge burring, slippage or damage.
  • Línea de Corte Longitudinal
    0.2-3mm High-Precision Slitting Line
    Línea de Corte Longitudinal de Alta Precisión
    3-6mm High-Precision Slitting Line
    Línea de Corte Longitudinal Mediana y Pesada
    Middle & Heavy Slitting Line
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